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Services provided by Malba

Offer for business owners, marketing and promotion departments

In our activities we focus mainly on promoting business, as well as other activities, in which graphic design is crucial. We also have extensive knowledge of information technology and its practical appliance.

For Customers in this group may be of particular interest:

Offer for training departments and training companies

For training departments we offer assistance in the preparation of training materials of the highest aesthetic, using animation and video examples that will improve the reception of the presentation. In addition, these materials may be interactive, and proceed according to a pre-established number of scenarios. This may be combined with surveys and tests, so that it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the course or direction of a group or individual needs of trainees.

The range of our services may be of particular interest:

Offer for architects, interior design and construction, as well as exhibiting companies

For companies in this sector we can prepare visualizations using Autodesk 3ds Max Design®, and analysis of lighting and shading.

The range of our services may be of particular interest:

Offer for manufacturers and factories

For production companies our offer is focused on promoting products, eg by improving the visual appeal of packaging, its usefulness for example by making clear instructions and high quality promotional materials.

Our varied range of services includes:

Offer for advertising agencies

For advertising agencies we offer assistance in projects as a subcontractor or cooperator in the field of specialization of our company as described below. We guarantee honesty and loyalty to our partners.

Services for the World Wide Web (WWW) and Internet

Services for 3D graphics

Services in the field of graphic design for print and electronic media